Levy backer: district has made huge difference in son’s life

Our family moved into Southwest Local School District about 2 1/2 years ago from a neighboring district. We were impressed with the area, the people, and the opportunity of the schools.  

Our oldest child was just beginning first grade, and we had some areas of concern from the prior year.  

Due to kindergarten in the previous school district, our son entered first grade below grade level in math and reading.  When we learned of this, it definitely was a cause for concern.  

The teachers at Crosby Elementary were confident in our son, as well as the system he was in. He received the time and attention he needed to move up above grade level by the end of that same school year.  

We have seen dramatic improvements in his social skills, grades, and organization due to the amazing team. We could not be more delighted.

When we heard about the levy in the spring, we were hesitantly optimistic about the future of Southwest. Good families are drawn to districts where the schools are valued and invested in, and we certainly felt that we had found a winning combination with Southwest.  

Due to the value that these schools have brought to our family, including a great explanation by Mr. Brown, we were prompted to do our research and vote for the first levy. Although it did not pass, we have hope for this vote in August.

The schools are clearly bursting at the seams with the number of new students. I believe we all want to make sure the kids have a safe environment to learn in, but also have the space needed to do so correctly.  

We have every bit of confidence in the great teachers here, but with the opportunity to receive a good amount of state funding, I am driven to write this letter in hopes that others will realize the importance of a healthy school district where the residents care about the future of the kids.  

I cannot speak any higher of the people who we have come in contact with. They go above and beyond to make sure the kids are taken care of each and every day.  

Please take time to research the great things this district is doing and join me in voting for the levy on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

Matt Revecky
Crosby Township

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