Honored to attend veterans’ program

I was honored to attend the Harrison High School Veterans Tribute. Congrats to Todd Sams for organizing it. Congrats to the two students who read and sang their own compositions. Congrats to the young men and women students who already are enlisted to serve after graduation. Congrats to Bud, a veteran of World War II and a classmate of local World War II hero Buddy Hine from the Class of 1938.
The entire program was of the utmost respect and recognition for our military veterans to whom we owe the most heartfelt “thank you.”
I am also remembering my friends and relatives who served our country: my brother Nick Martini in Vietnam, another brother Bernie Martini (Army), Uncle Slim Fischesser killed in World War II on Feb. 28, 1945, and buried in Holland, Uncle Wes Fischesser in World War II, Uncle Epp Fischesser in World War II.
I also have many cousins, nieces and nephews who have served in the past and a few who now serve. To one all: Thank you for your service to our great country.
On Veterans Day, I proudly flew my flag at my home in honor of those veterans who ensure the United States of America remains the greatest country in the world!

Hub Martini
Harrison, Ohio 45030

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