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Two running for Whitewater Township trustee seat


Two candidates, Alysha Johnson and Guy Schaible, are running for one Whitewater Township trustee seat.

Jim Brett, who currently serves as the township fiscal officer, is the only candidate running for this position.

Elections will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5, and both positions are four-year terms. 

Candidates for Township Trustee

Alysha Johnson

Alysha Johnson is a lifelong resident of Whitewater Township and currently lives in Hooven. 

She began attending local meetings after serving as the Hamilton County co-chair for the Trump-Pence campaign in 2016, and is now running for trustee to give back to the community that has done so much for her and her family. 

If elected, Johnson said one of her goals is to improve communication between the board of trustees and members of the community. 

Although Johnson said she does feel that the current board is doing a great job, she has learned from some community members that they don’t feel heard.

Johnson said she would like to see more utilization of the township website, and a way to make it easier for the community to get in contact with the trustees and other administrators.

Two others areas of focus would include fiscal responsibility and community safety. 

Johnson helped to re-establish the neighborhood watch program in Whitewater Township, and serves as a leading team member for this organization. Johnson said she wants to see this program grow. 

She said she thinks one of the best ways to keep the township safe is good communication between community members, and with authorities. 

If elected, she said she wants to look at the budget to see where there are any areas for improvement, which could mean more spending in some areas, or cuts in others. 

“We don’t have the resources that some townships have,” said Johnson.

Johnson is also involved with WeThrive! in Whitewater Township and said this program provides resources to people who wouldn’t normally have access to them.

Johnson has been married to her husband for more than 20 years, and is a mother to four children. 

Guy Schaible

Guy Schaible has also lived in the township his whole life, and currently lives in Blue Jay at the address where he was raised. 

He graduated from LaSalle High School and worked for the family business, Miamitown Auto Parts, for 10 years. 

He also worked for Feld Entertainment helping to coordinate freestyle motorcross and Monster Jam shows.

Now, Schaible has a motorcycle shop, manufactures motorcycle parts, and holds two U.S. design patents. 

He also owns and manages properties, including 21 units in Whitewater Township. 

If elected, Schaible said he wants to work with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office to maintain the best presence possible and said he is happy that the township’s neighborhood watch is back in action. 

Schaible also said he would like to maintain the best fire/EMS department possible while staying within the budget, also also wants to work with property owners and the community to address nuisance properties. 

Schaible wants to see more community interaction and involvement, including better attendance at township meetings. 

He said he doesn’t think this problem is unique to Whitewater, and said all areas need to build back up their communities. 

Schaible is married with two children, including a son who races. Schaible said he is also proud of working for the return of the 5-7-year-old class for the World Karting Association. 

Schaible’s father, Raymond Schaible, was also a trustee for 10 years. He said his father always said that those with the time, knowledge, and ability to help the community should do so, and Schaible said he feels he can help out the township. 

Candidate for Fiscal officer

Jim Brett has lived in the township his entire life. He grew up in Elizabethtown, and now lives in the Blue Jay area.

He is married, and has a daughter and two grandchildren. 

He graduated from Harrison High School and has a bachelor’s degree in management from Xavier University. 

He is in his fourth year as fiscal officer, and previously served as a trustee for eight years. He has also served on the board for Hamilton County Public Health for more than 17 years. 

As fiscal officer, Brett has a certification for “investing in commercial paper and bankers’ acceptances,” which allows the township to have more investment opportunities. 

The township is working with RedTree Investment group, and Brett said they are on pace to more than double their interest income this year compared to 2018.

But, Brett said he is conservative on investments and won’t risk township funds for a better return. He wants to be a good steward of the people’s money.

He said the township doesn’t carry a lot of money over year-to-year, and it’s important that they remain fiscally sound. 

He said the fire department makes up the bulk of their budget. 

He said overall township costs keep going up, and the board is trying to prop up the general fund because, in the past, money would come out of this fund for the fire department.

Voters passed a levy for the fire department five years ago.

Brett said he hopes to find more investment opportunities, ways to better spend funds, and ways to save money. 

As fiscal officer, Brett also got the township involved with Ohio’s Online Checkbook, which shows taxpayers exactly how their tax money is being spent. 

“Transparency is really important to me,” said Brett. 

He said he thinks the public can feel confident that their money is being watched. 

“For me, it’s a good way to give back to the community,” said Brett.

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