Public invited to police training session in Harrison

Community members, local police, and firefighters are invited to attend a training session hosted by the Hamilton County Police Association on officer involved shootings to raise awareness of the dangers law enforcement officers face regularly.

The training, Wednesday, March 7, at the Harrison High School Activity Center, will feature the film Dinkheller followed by a question and answer session. The program starts at 7 p.m.

HCPA holds law enforcement training throughout the county. Some are open to the public. The association chose to hold this one in Harrison because the large size of the activity center.

The film is about Georgian State Trooper Kyle Dinkheller who was murdered along the side of the road 20 years ago with his dash cam capturing it. His story has been turned into a documentary to help educate people on dangers of law enforcement.

“I am all about community awareness policing. The more we can understand the public, the more they can understand us. We can and need to have partnership with each other. It is for the good of the community,” said HCPA President and Mariemont Police Chief Richard Hines.

Opening this particular training about officer involved shootings to the public gives people a greater understanding of the dangers law enforcement faces daily, said Hines.

“This topic remains relevant to public safety, and is reshaping law enforcement practices all across this country. The HCPA and Western Hamilton County Fire Chiefs Association are sponsoring the event to better educate public safety and our community and open lines of communication,” said Harrison Police Chief Chuck Lindsey.

There is no charge for the training, but those interested are asked to call Fairfax Police department Clerk Jill Kessler at 513-272-9941.

“I strongly encourage families to attend this. It will be beneficial to everyone. We consider it an honor to present this video and discussion to the public,” said Hines.

“Active shooter trainings have been done in many schools throughout Hamilton County. A lot of the stuff people are about is stuff that we are ahead on, and will continue to learn more about. We are way ahead of the curve and we intend to continue doing so.”

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