November 2017 Election Results

Hamilton County Municipal Court District 7

Jackie Ginocchio- 11,928

Kevin O. Donovan- 5,925

Julia A. Collier- 3,554

(Running for unexpired term) Gwen Bender

Harrison City Council

Ethan Dole- 1,964

Ryan Grubbs- 1,873

Michael Mains- 1,669

Urbano Galindo- 1,560

Carol Wiwi- 1,391

Crosby Township Trustee

Jim Niehaus- 870

Chris Dole- 734

Byron Lewis- 468

Harrison Township Trustee

Tom Losekamp- 2,478

Fred A. Dole- 2,386

Whitewater Township Trustee

Willie Pope- 650

Doug King- 561

(Running for unexpired term) Lawanda Corman

Southwest Local Board of Education

Susan Robards- 3,212

Mike King- 3,080

Randy L. Shank- 2,299

(Running for unexpired term) Tricia Evanson

Proposed Electric Aggregation for City of Harrison

Yes- 1,855

No- 1,221

Proposed Natural Gas Aggregation for City of Harrison

Yes- 1,796

No- 1,244

Proposed Electric Aggregation for Crosby Township

Yes- 842

No- 524

Bond issue and Tax Levy for Southwest Local School District

For Bond Issue and Levy- 3,656

Against Bond Issue and Levy- 3,508



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