Murderer kills himself in prison

The man held on Death Row for the murder of a Crosby township woman in 2000 was found dead by apparent suicide on Monday, March 6.

The guards at Chillicothe Correction Facilities found Patrick Leonard dead in his cell. Authorities believe he committed suicide Sunday, March 5.

After trying to overturn the death penalty, Leonard had tried appealing the court’s decision multiple times. The courts continued to deny his request.

There wasn’t a date set yet for his execution at the time of his death.

Leonard was found guilty of murdering and attempted rape of his ex-girlfriend Dawn Flick in 2000. He was sentenced to the death penalty in 2001.

Flick was the daughter of the man who owned Flick’s Homelike Inn in New Baltimore in Crosby Township. She and Leonard dated but had broken up at the time of the murder. 

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