DeWine gives Wednesday COVID-19 updates


As of Wednesday, there were ten deaths from COVID-19 in the state of Ohio.

Essential businesses

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said there is still some confusion as to whether or not some businesses are “essential businesses,” and therefore allowed to be open.

He still encourages business owners to read the “stay at home” document at and use their best judgement. 

He said businesses that are open should think about creating a document outlining their justifications for being an “essential business,” and how they are following the safe workplace order. 

He said it’s important that businesses are creating safe work environments for their employees, and even essential businesses could be shut down if they aren’t following safety and health standards. 

These workplace guidelines will continue to be in effect for a while as the state comes out of this emergency situation, and he said businesses will need to continue to create safe workplaces into the future. 

Moving forward, Gov. Mike DeWine said the state does need to focus more on public health and make sure it is consistently funded, year after year. 

He said many statewide issues, such as drug addiction, are intertwined with health. 

Resources for fighting COVID-19

DeWine said the possibility of having limited resources for patients with COVID-19 does scare him, and that’s why the state has made the decisions they have made.

The state is doing everything it can to avoid that situation, he said, and that’s why they are asking Ohioans to follow orders and suggestions. 

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