Cold War Patriots honored

Cold War Patriots who worked at Fernald, Mound, and the GE Plant were honored Saturday, Oct. 28, at the Fernald Visitors Center in Crosby Township during the National Day of Remembrance program.

The ninth annual National Day of Remembrance for nuclear weapons workers declared by the U.S. Senate was Monday, Oct. 30.

The event was hosted by CWP, a membership organization that gives recognition and provides resources to nuclear weapons and uranium workers by connecting them with the cash compensation and health care they have earned, CWP Chairman Tim Lerew.

 The National Day of Remembrance is the brainchild of former nuclear weapons worker Janine Anderson from Oak Ridge, Tenn.

“Janine recognized that we needed a day to honor and remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their health, and, in many cases their lives, to keep America safe,” said Lerew.

With the help of CWP and her local congressmen, Anderson launched a campaign in April 2009, gathering petitions throughout the country that asked the U.S.

Senate to designate Oct. 30 as the official National Day of Remembrance.

 “Janine worked tirelessly to make sure the Day of Remembrance happened, but unfortunately she didn’t live to see her dream come to fruition,” said Lerew.

 Anderson passed away May 2, 2009, from cancer caused by her years of service at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Just 18 days after her death, the U.S. Senate approved the resolution.

Cold War Patriots is a division of Professional Case Management, which provides specialized in-home healthcare services to nuclear weapons and uranium workers. The first national association to connect workers with benefits, said CWP does its work free nationwide. Visit, or call 888-903-8989 for more information.


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