94,000 meals packed for hungry in Haiti!

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the third world country of Haiti this past October, it caused great devastation. Lifeline Christian Missionaries, Mark and Julie Gulley, residents of the Bright community and members of Bright Christian Church, experienced the hurricane firsthand.

Since that time, they have been working tirelessly on relief efforts and realized one of the most urgent needs for the people of Haiti was food.

“Because of the hurricane, Lifeline is trying to ship a container of food to Haiti every week because the need has gotten so great,” said Julie.

Bright Christian Church made a decision to partner with Lifeline Christian Mission to hold a meal packing event to help feed the people of Haiti. This exciting opportunity provided a meaningful, hands-on project for all ages.

The vision was cast in late December, and within two weeks nearly $20,000 was donated to purchase the necessary food and supplies for this outreach project.

Most important was recruiting the necessary volunteers to accomplish the food packing project. On Sunday morning, Feb. 5, more than 1,000 volunteers from Bright Christian Church, Harrison, and the surrounding community, as well as some folks traveling far distances, came together to pack 85,000 meals in two hours.

In all, 94,000 meals were packaged in 90 minutes.

One of the many highlights of the morning was hearing directly from Mark and Julie in Haiti via a live video stream. With the church auditorium packed full, you could have heard a pin drop as people intently listened to their short message of hope for the people of Haiti and gratitude for what the volunteers at BCC were about to accomplish.  

The leadership of Bright Christian Church thanks all who gave their time and resources to make the outreach project a huge success.


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