April 19, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
Small project permits take too long and cost too much PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Bently   
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 3:10 PM


Politicians want us to believe, all permits are for our safety and other reasons that are necessary.

We don’t need more permits putting us into the poor house, but other, “think out of the box ideas,” for solutions without costing the citizens and tax payers additional money.

That would be more effective than a permit for small projects that don’t solve the problem, but adds cost to it.

Permits take money out of our pockets tha is needed to live on, just like Hamilton County, when you get an unnecessary permit for a small project.

You ask yourself, when will politicians they get the message?

When we elect representatives who care about our rights, instead of being a lifetime plitians.  Example: my friend recycles in Harrison, in the over-filled four-bin dumpsters each week, and they can’t even resolve this small opportunity.

How would they ever solve a real opportunity? What about more pickups or another dumpster?  See how easy that was to   “think out of the box for ideas.”

It’s apparent to me that we are taxed and (permitted to death) in America. We need to think how long it takes when a permit is justified.

The answer is, too long. Remember who you voted for the next time you pay for an unnecessary small project permit.

If this doesn’t stop now, we may need a permit to carry our groceries on the streets of Harrison or Harrison Township.

Citizens, it’s time to send them a message to reduce permits and lower our taxes, not add more. This is America, and small project permits take too long and cost too much.

George Bently
Harrison, Ohio 45030

Bill to stop traffic cameras sitting idle in Ohio Senate PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Bently   
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 12:58 PM

Recently, I saw a house bill named HB0069 in Ohio that appears passed and laying there waiting on the Senate to vote on it.

I read this bill, written and passed by the House, to stop traffic cameras from ticketing citizens for money or should I say fleecing the citizens.

There was a TV station story about New Miami, Ohio, that was ticketing traffic violators  who came by their cameras, so be careful past Hamilton, Ohio, going through New Miami.

I decided to go there and look for myself and saw the traffic cameras. Guess what?

I received a ticket for exceeding the speed limit a few miles over that told me to mail my $94 ticket money to a Cleveland address and it wouldn’t go on my record.

What’s next Drones giving out traffic citations? Oh, by the way they just want the money, it won’t go on your record and it won’t affect your insurance so what is the name for this, “illegal and unconstitutional” in my opinion.

I then wondered, will Harrison or Harrison Township come up with this idea to generate money?

Will the greed continue in our town?  We all know how politicians think.

We must send e-mails to our elected representatives in Ohio and our governor, explaining how to get this bill passed, signed and not changed in any form, which could allow these unconstitutional traffic cameras to continue before it comes to our neighborhood.

We must demand it and tell our governor he’s up for reelection and put a stop to this fleecing. We need representatives who have our best interest in mind. It looks like the ones we have there now went with the best of intentions but have been too slow in doing their jobs. Let’s hope they will speed up or think about getting another job.

Politicians that stay too long, forgetting about the citizens that sent them there, needs to be stopped. I voted for our governor, but recently sent him and several of our elected representatives several e-mails.

Only one answered me in detail, and he isn’t the governor. In an e-mail, however, I was asked for a campaign donation.

They are not listening to us so when you go to the polls think about what they have not done. I am 70 and I still must buy a fishing license when other states give a free one after 65 years old. 
By the way, that bill is sitting idle. This is America, not Russia, and we should not be spied upon by traffic cameras.  What’s next, illegal to wear a bow tie in Ohio?

George Bently
Harrison, Ohio 45030

Dismayed with calling early voters ‘wretched refuse’ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tammy Simendinger   
Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:23 AM

Wow, I just read Jim Robertson’s column about early voting. I am dismayed that he called people “wretched refuse.”

I know God would not see these human beings as refuse.  Let me clarify a few facts. While I agree that the downtown location of the board of elections may not be convenient to all, at least it is accessible to all.

I worked for over 10 years close to that building and never feared for my car or to walk around that area. I do agree that perhaps the board may find a bigger and more accessible location-but for those who cannot afford cars and need to take a bus, they should be able to get to the Board.

So if you are calling poor people (or those less fortunate)  “wretched refuse” that is just a shame.

Your argument that there isn’t a need for early voting does not stand up either. This helps cut down on the line at Election Day.

It helps people who might be traveling or students home from college to cast their votes. Now if you say that they could just cast an absentee ballot, some people want to actually cast their vote so they know that their ballot didn’t get lost in the mail.

In 2012 according to Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, 0.002397 percent was the amount of voter fraud.  “Voter fraud does exist, but it’s not an epidemic,” Husted said in The Columbus Dispatch.

Those cases were investigated and were prosecuted if warranted. So if this isn’t a big problem, why is it being changed? We have 6 less days to vote. Men died for our right to vote.

Women fought for their rights to vote. Every person has the right to vote and it should be easy and accessible to all-even the “wretched refuse.”

So I implore you, instead of name calling and pointing fingers, let’s try to work together collaboratively to find a solution.

That is what is making this political process dysfunctional. So please don’t place blame on one party or label them a certain way. Stop with the stereotypes. There are good people in both parties. This is America and we all have the right to vote-yes even the “wretched refuse.”

Tammy Simendinger
143 Fawn Drive
Harrison, OH 45030

Harrison filling stations overcharge for gasoline PDF Print E-mail
Written by George D. Bentley   
Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:22 AM

Once again, I have been observing Harrison tends to overcharge for gasoline as compared to market wholesale unleaded gasoline, plus applicable taxes and profit.

What I found is a return to higher prices at our local stations and even grocery stores.

I see a consistent overcharge for a gallon of gasoline that is higher than other areas in Ohio including the east side of Cincinnati verses the Westside and then a slower reduction in price as it comes down.

I checked the on-line prices of unleaded regular gasoline in other areas on 3/4/2014 and found other areas are priced as low as $3.19 to $3.35 a gallon so why do we pay much more?

I believe the answer is we don’t think about filling up until we need gasoline, so it’s easier to stop at these stations in Harrison. I believe they see this as an opportunity to raise their price.

Most of us go shopping in different areas through the week and to work without even thinking about buying gas somewhere else at a much lower cost.

These stations in our area are gouging us, and as long as we don’t say anything, the gouging continues.

I believe if we filled up somewhere else for two weeks, the loss of revenue would send a signal to these stations that we are on to this gouging and the price of gasoline would come down in

Harrison and then these stations would understand we refuse to be gouged and if not stopped, they would see less profit from no sales and lower the price of gasoline in Harrison.

Once again the local stations in Harrison raised unleaded gasoline to $3.65 gallon, and then started a slow reduction in in the price instead of dropping faster as other areas did.

The reason for the dramatic rise in price is in my opinion a way to gain more profit even though it’s gouging in my opinion.

Our Attorney General and elected representatives in Columbus seems not to care while we get fleeced. Citizens, we have the power of the vote and should remember this when we go to vote.

I hear stations talking about taxes on gasoline but as we all know taxes aren’t going away and it’s just another way to fool the citizen.

So ask yourself why is our local stations charging a higher price per gallon than other areas? It’s because we allow them to control us by giving them our business each time we fill up in Harrison.

We can stop this by filling up somewhere else until these stations feel the pain of our citizens going elsewhere for gasoline and they will lower their price or suffer from lack of sales.

In America, we have Anti-Trust Laws that are supposed to protect us from gouging companies like Big Oil Companies.

Could it be the campaign contributions outweigh what is wrong, who knows? Do they really care? I don’t think so.  When is the last time you heard from any of them? Remember we have the power of the vote. Ask Al Gore if a few votes count.

This is America, not Russia, so stand up for your rights as a citizen. Send a message to these local gas stations that we can go elsewhere to buy gasoline.

George D. Bentley
Harrison, Ohio 45030

Voters are not sweepings and retched refuse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Linz   
Tuesday, March 04, 2014 4:23 PM

I am writing this because I take offense at Jim Robertson’s reference to voters as sweepings and retched refuse.
As an elected official, you would think he would think twice before putting his bigotry and inflammatory opinions in print.
Does “The Harrison Press” and its editor endorse calling individuals garbage just because you don’t agree with their politics?
I have brought up my children to cherish the right to vote, and do not appreciate when someone in a position such as Robertson is given a forum to spout his disdain for the election process.
This issue here is not early voting or access to polls but how one human looks at another with such disrespect as to call them garbage.

Steve Linz
10289 New Haven Rd
Harrison, Ohio 45030