April 17, 2014

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Mailman delivers Christmas cheer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Patricia Huelseman   
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 11:41 AM

Santa’s not the only one delivering holiday cheer.

Everyone knows about Santa and his mad delivering skills. In just 24 hours, he will deposit toys in the living rooms of millions across the world.

But during this great gift giving season, there is another, a group, a team dedicated to delivering packages to their new owners and dispersing holiday cheer.

This professional gift-delivery unit goes by a very official name: The United States Postal Service.

While Santa dedicates an entire night to package delivery, the post office delivers year round, Monday - Saturday, holidays excluded.

Michael Lohman, a native of Harrison Township, has delivered for the U.S. Postal Service for 16 years, 9 of which were in the city of Harrison.

In all of his years of service, Lohman says he only recalls one day when mail was not delivered. Snow, he says, was well over 2 feet deep making all roads impassable.

Lohman always appreciates this time of year. He finds joy in delivering packages and Christmas cards and otherwise spreading the holiday cheer.

It’s a good thing he likes it, too, because the Post Office experiences a major influx of mail during this season. Some carriers are on route for about 12 hours every day.

After an agreement with Amazon, deliveries for that company are even made on Sundays during the holiday season. On any given day, mailmen could deliver around 3 times the average letter inventory and five  times the regular amount of packages.

Lohman says that Internet sales have had a major impact on the mail traffic; Cyber Monday provides a deluge of packages.

“It’s the stuff people are looking forward to,” Lohman says. “And when they’re happy,” he adds, “they’ll let you know.”

Over the years, Lohman has seen some pretty irregular stuff destined for mailboxes.

Pretty often, he delivers coconuts with addresses carved into the sides. Chicks chirp almost constantly on their way to farms, and if they quiet, Lohman has figured out how to imitate them perfectly to get them singing again.

There is such an intense amount of bees mailed, that the Cincinnati office has a special bee room for those parcels only. And yes, bees have escaped.

In the past, well before Lohman’s day I’m sure, even children could be shipped via the United States Postal Service.

Today, during Christmas time, the main content is I-pads and great books, roller skates and fruit cakes--and of course, the endless supply of sparkling Christmas cards spreading love during the season of giving.

Like Santa, the dedicated employs of the United States Postal Service work hard to ensure everyone gets what they have been waiting for this Christmas.

“There’s another similarity between us and Santa,” Lohman laughs, “we can receive a lot of cookies this time of year.”

Patricia Huelseman is a staff writer for The Harrison Press.



+1 #1 2013-12-24 13:52
As a former Letter Carrier, Christmas always meant lots of Red and Green cards to deliver. Many years ago on Christmas eve several of us carriers met in a Standard Oil garage in Urbana IL after delivering all our mail. We shared and drank bottles of Christmas cheer left for us by grateful customers. The supervisor showed up at 8pm, took our box keys and said we were all in trouble, at home with our families. Boy was that a long walk to get home!