October 1, 2014

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Speaker Boehner just doesn’t learn
Written by Bob Lehrter   
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 7:48 PM


Instead of being the champion of conservative values House Majority Leader John Boehner  professes to be, he has become the Charlie Brown of American politics, as he repeatedly plays the fool to Obama’s Lucy.

Over and over, we’ve seen the pathetic cycle play out in the news. The Senate (Harry Reid) refuses to perform its legal duty of proposing a national budget.

Instead, Obama whines about not having enough money to keep the government operating, blames Boehner and his neutered followers, and demands the debt ceiling to be raised yet again, even though the debt is already so high it’s beyond ridiculous.

Alarming stories about government shut-downs and national default dominate the news, thanks in large part to Obama‘s obedient servants in the mainstream media.

So, instead of holding the Senate’s feet to the fire and demanding they actually do their constitutionally mandated job, our speaker of the house and our president conduct a dramatic summit behind closed doors. Picture Lucy telling Charlie Brown she’ll hold the football for him to kick, nice and steady this time.

Then Boehner emerges from the meeting, gets in front of the cameras, and tells us how he really got tough with the president this time. Picture Charlie Brown telling himself that this time, he’s really gonna kick that football!

But as he always does, Boehner caves in and gives Obama pretty much everything he asked for, more taxes and more spending, in exchange for empty promises about tackling that pesky deficit.
Boehner tells us how he made a great deal for all us poor, abused taxpayers, and that this is all part of his master plan to make everything right. Now Charlie Brown is running full-speed toward the football, determined to kick it out of sight.

Then, inevitably, as the next crisis date approaches, we all realize the deficit has not in fact been addressed, but our national debt has instead increased substantially. Lucy has pulled the football away yet again.

And poor, pathetic Boehner, still lying flat on his back at the place where he crashed to the ground from having missed the football with his mighty kick, is already anxious for his chance to do it all again.

He just doesn’t learn.The only difference between Mr. Speaker and Mr. Brown is that Boehner cries in public a lot more often.

Bob Lehrter
Harrison, Ohio