September 19, 2014

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End of an era at St. John’s
Written by Hub Martini   
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 9:17 PM

For well over 100 years the Sisters of Charity have taught and resided at St. John’s in Harrison, Ohio.

Throughout those years they have made a positive and lasting impression on many of us, myself included as I graduated from St. John’s in 1965. I can remember with fondness: Sr. Monica, Sr. Mary Andrew, Sr. Mary Olive, Sr. Marie Vianney, Sr. Carol Goettke, Sr. Rose,

Sr. Catherine and Sr. Mary Ann. I am sure many who are reading this share fond memories of them as well as their own personal favorites. Certainly our parish, and I would even say the Harrison community, is a much better place because of their tireless dedication and countless hours of service in those 100 years plus. I can remember as many as six nuns living in the convent at one time. However, as many of us are aware, those numbers have dwindled over the years and there are no more Sisters of Charity residing in Harrison.

Our prayers go out to Sr. JoAnn Martini who was recently injured in a car accident. She was the last Sister of Charity to still call Harrison her home. After her accident it was discerned that she will now reside at their Motherhouse in Delhi. She, along with Sr. Rose were the last two sisters residing in Harrison, and Sr. Rose moved back to the Motherhouse several years ago after an illness. That is the sad news!

Here is the happy news! The two of them are still helping out at St. John’s one day per week as tutors. Even in their later years, after accidents and illness, the two of them continue to follow their call to serve God and his church.

I am truly grateful for the education they provided for my 8 years at St. John’s. I am even more grateful for their modeling the love of God through their words and actions. That foundation in the Catholic faith has carried me through life thus far and I know will carry me through the next life too, the only one that really counts that we call Eternal Life.

Thanks to the Sisters of Charity for serving our parish and school for more than 100 years. Thanks for more than 100 years of serving the Harrison community. Thanks to Sr. JoAnn and Sr. Rose for choosing to continue serving one day per week. I invite all who read this to share your thanks with them as well. Keep them in your prayers and may God bless them with good health, happiness, joy and peace now and forever!

Hub Martini
10604 West Road
Harrison, OH 45030