October 1, 2014

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Phyllis Diller was one funny lady
Written by Bill Baird   
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 7:52 PM

I was surprised and saddened to learn that my all-time favorite meteorologist Michelle Boutillette left WKRC-TV Channel 12 to work for something connected to Children’s Hospital. Michelle was easy on the eyes and ears. She was truly the best in the business. I liked the way she could project her words and be understood.

Last week, I listed the names of stars who began their careers during the Golden Age of Cinema (1930-1950) and ended their passing parade through this life in 2012. This week, I will list the stars that began their career after the Golden Age whose passing parade ended in 2012.

Ernest Borgnine was a great actor whose career of 204 roles started in 1951 and ended in 2012. He won the Oscar for best actor for his title role in the excellent film Marty (1955). He will be remembered for his TV series McHale’s Navy (1962-1966) and as the voice of Mermaid Man in SpongeBob Square Pants (1999-2011.
Borgnine is proof that if you were a great actor a pretty face wasn’t necessary. Born in 1917, he passed away on July 8, 2012, at 95.

Andy Griffith was born in 1926 in North Carolina and passed away July 3, 2012, at 86 in North Carolina. He was in 69 roles from 1957 to 2009. His only film that I saw was as Pvt. Will Stockdale in No Time for Sergeants (1958), which was a great funny film especially for military veterans. Andy will best be remembered as Sheriff Andy Taylor on the TV series The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968).

Larry Hagman was born in Texas in 1931. He passed away in Texas on Nov. 23, 2012, at 81 from throat cancer complications. He was in 103 roles from 1957 to 2012. He was the son of actress/singer Mary Martin (1913-1990).

Remember Mary as Peter Pan flying on the high wire in 1960?  Larry was in the TV series I dream of Jeannie (1965-1970), which starred Barbara Eden (1934). He said, “Barbara Eden is the most beautiful girl in the world.”

I totally agree with Larry. Her voice was even beautiful. She appeared in Harper Valley P.T.A. (1978),  filmed in nearby Lebanon, Ohio. Larry appeared as J.R. Ewing in the long running TV series Dallas (1978-1991) and (2012). Remember the cliff-hanging “Who shot J.R?” between seasons not so long ago?

Phyllis Diller was born in Lima, Ohio, in1917. She passed away in Los Angeles on Aug. 20, 2012. Diller was in 76 roles from 1961 to 2009. I never saw any of the movies Phyllis was in even those with Bob Hope (1903-2003).
I became a fan from seeing her doing stand-up on TV and in person at the Beef ‘n’ Boards Dinner Theatre on Dry Fork Road. Remember this great place from the past? I was almost rolling in the aisles, but my wife didn’t think she was that funny. I could just see Phyllis and laugh.

More next week.    

Bill Baird is a Whitewater Township resident who writes a weekly column about old movies and Hollywood trivia.

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