September 17, 2014

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Township and city must spend taxpayers’ money more wisely
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Tuesday, January 08, 2013 7:07 PM

I recently read that our Hamilton County commissioners voted to allow the Jehovah Witness building to be approved and the Harrison mayor appeared to be upset by that lost decision.

By the way, my family and I are Catholic, not Jehovah Witnesses.

Lately, I hear Harrison Township will take up the fight and pay more lawyer fees to fight this battle which “in my opinion” are a waste of valuable tax dollars.

Why fight this battle now when we need a Harrison Township police patrol officer much more than a lawyer? Frequent patrols on our streets will help keep crime down.

Where is our police patrol protection in Harrison Township?  I know, blame it on the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Department.

I am retired, I sit and walk a lot and never have I seen a patrol officer in the last year on my road? I pay taxes. Isn’t a police patrol a better way to spend money than give it to a lawyer?

Where are our tax dollars being spent and on what? If you had your home broken into lately or things missing, then you know what I mean when I say, where are the police patrols in Harrison Township?

Why didn’t the Harrison Township elected officials see the high water cost raise coming?  Why all of a sudden do I hear that Harrison has decided to increase our water cost dramatically?

I know, blame it on the E.P.A. as someone must take the blame. I think Harrison’s mayor is a good mayor but has some wrong views when I read him saying the soft water cost would be too high to implement?

Is this cost really too high when most citizens are paying out the nose a high price for salt and expenses to maintain a water softener each month because of the hard water.

Harrison’s mayor thinks soft water equipment is too high in cost. By the way, lawyers cost a great deal of money too. Yet the water cost will go up and up without any vote from the citizens.  Is this right?

As tax payers, we demand a vote on this and we are tired of accepting these lamebrain excuses from our elected officials.  We deserve more from our tax money than we are getting. I can hardly wait to hear the excuses given in reply to this letter.  We are Americans and we have the right to free speech and we will be heard. God Bless America.

George D. Bentley
Harrison, Ohio