October 21, 2014

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Old, new make Harrison good place to shop
Written by Bill Baird   
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:50 PM

When I moved to my present location 50 years ago, Interstate 74 had just been opened between Harrison and Miamitown.

This relieved Harrison Pike’s heavy traffic. Our new old home had a long gravel drive, which it still has.

With the kids going to school in the Southwest Local School District, it wasn’t long before the driveway was worn to go either way equally. Now the wear is much more toward Harrison.

In 1962, Harrison was a sleepy village with four great cops including the chief.

There was a movie theater that eventually became a church. There was a Kroger and A&P.

The A&P moved from the 100 block of Harrison Avenue to the building in which the post office now is located, before disappearing forever.

Western Auto was in the 200 block of Harrison Avenue, and there was a five and ten cent store. Both long gone.

Frisch’s is the only known restaurant from those days still around. It was located on North State Street where Zaracos is located now.

Remember the Bargain City Kid on TV? Rink’s Bargain City was one of the first discount stores in Harrison. Kmart is in this spot now.

I eat in Harrison
Harrison has most of the eating places. We take our Harrison grandkids to their choice of Cracker Barrel, Frisch’s and Perkins until Perkins suddenly disappeared.

My son always liked LaRosa’s pizza. Since there weren’t any where he lived we would go to the Harrison LaRosa’s during his visits until we got shabby treatment several years ago.

If you like pizza, Harrison has them all. When our son visits, we go to Market Street Grille or O’Charley’s.

Skyline and Gold Star has the chili sewed up. There is White Castle in a gas station and Waffle House for a change of pace.

I stopped at White Castle a lot on the job I retired from 20 years ago last month.

Their coffee is the best and I have used it at home for years. I love a banana split from Dairy

Queen when it is hot outside. My wife likes Taco Bell, I like McDonald’s, which are side by side.

My wife likes chicken at KFC’s.

I recently bought a new computer at Staples in Harrison, where you get to know the employees like Sarah Harper who knows my granddaughter Lexis.

The best way to keep Staples in Harrison is to shop there.

Jeff Biddle’s Village Pharmacy on one side of town and Dr. John Grimm on the other side of town keep me alive and are the very best.

I have known Doug Helcher since he was a Cub Scout. He is honest and the very best when it comes to keeping your car in line.

I have dealt with C&C Tire several times and find them to be great folks.

There are about five auto part stores. For the past several years, I have found the folks at Advance Auto Parts to be nice and knowledgeable.

If you are tired of driving many miles to a crowded Cincinnati Bell store, I am happy to announce that they recently opened a Cincinnati Bell store in the UDF building on Harrison Avenue across the street from Taco Bell. Keith Nelson at this store is the best.

This Christmas, any shopping I do will be in Harrison. From where I live, Harrison is six miles and less traffic getting there, plus I know shortcuts.

Dent is about the same distance, but traffic is busy and a pain.

More next week if I forgot anyone.

Bill Baird is a Whitewater Township resident who writes a weekly column about old movies and Hollywood trivia.