September 23, 2014

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All wrapped up in Christmas survival
Written by Sarah Minges   
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 8:30 PM

I just about have my holiday shopping done.  In record time too.  No, I didn’t do any of that Black Friday stuff or even Cyber Monday.  
I have just been slowly amassing gifts since last winter and stacking them precariously next to Ninja Puppy’s bed.  
Don’t worry; the more fragile of the items are stacked in the least precarious manner.
I went through the stack of gifts recently and was actually surprised I had everything I needed.  After all these years of Christmas shopping, productivity finally won out over procrastination.

Sniffing around
Every once in a while, the canines or felines will sniff the stack of gifts. I assure them they won’t be around much longer.  They are losing faith in that assurance.
Aside from having bought all my Christmas gifts, I have even exchanged some gifts already!  I am all over this Christmas thing this year.
I even sent out Christmas cards.  I haven’t had time to send cards in at least two years.  I am setting the holiday standard of expectations pretty high for next year.
I am not sure if I am going to put up decorations or not.  
First off, the neighbors have enough decorations set up for the entire street.
Secondly, anything new in the house means the dogs need to sniff and bark at it for at least three hours.  
A big, red bow on the door? They need to show that thing who is boss.
I haven’t had a Christmas tree in the traditional sense in years either.  I figure two nearly 20-pound cats attempting to scale it can only end in disaster.  
There would be shattered ornaments and fur everywhere.
So, the decorating has to be out of the reach of all the furry babies.
I would like to think I am fairly creative and resourceful.  But, even that has it limits.
In the meantime, I can console myself by gazing at the neighbors decorations.  
I can marvel how quickly it would take Ninja Puppy and Little Lady to devastate their yard. I also can marvel at how clearly I can see right in their living room window at their Christmas tree.
After closing my drapes, I can then marvel at how my holiday shopping is done, and now all I need to do is wrap the gifts.

Look harder
If you look hard enough, there is always some way to procrastinate.
I don’t have much wrapping paper right now. And I am not sure if I will get some before Christmas.
But, I do have a stack of newspapers and some brightly colored computer paper. I will get through this wrapping problem one way or another.  
Just keep in mind, if yourpresent looks like the dogs wrapped it, that probably is because they did.

Staff Reporter Sarah Minges is a graduate of Harrison High School and Miami University, Oxford.