September 19, 2014

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Little Lady not so little these days
Written by Sarah Minges   
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 9:35 PM

At the vet for her annual checkup, Little Lady weighed in more than her Ninja Puppy counterpart. The vet tech said, “Now that is a big girl.”

I am pretty sure, regardless of the species; it is never socially acceptable to call a girl “big.”

But, the truth remains, she is a big girl. And chances are she might even grow, which is a mildly frightening thought considering how much food she now consumes.

Anyway, Little Lady loves to sit outside. No matter the weather, she will just sit and watch and occasionally chew on a stray stick. And if she isn’t outside, she will sit on the inside of the door and whine until she is back outside.

As the weather is getting colder, I wanted to make sure she was adequately prepared to be outside.  I looked all over for a doggy jacket for her. They make very few jackets in Little Lady’s size.

Of those jackets they make, even fewer are reasonably priced. I was nearly at a loss. Until the idea was presented that perhaps an old fleece coat could be modified to fit Little Lady and protect her from some of the elements.

A large male fleece jacket was chosen for the project. First the zipper was removed, then the arms were shortened. It came to be determined that Little Lady’s length was the same length as the torso of a large adult male.

That was a rather humbling experience - to find out one’s puppy’s torso is longer than one’s own.

The pockets were left in the jacket, although it is yet to be seen if Little Lady will utilize them.

Finally, Velcro was added around her sternum so the coat could fit snuggly. The collar of the jacket was left on and she “pops” the collar to protect her neck.

She seems to like the jacket a lot. She tried it for the first day in a light rain and seemed quite content sitting outside in the mist. Although, I am fairly certain she would sit in the mist anyway.

She also seems quite content wearing the jacket in general, she even tried to wear it to bed the other night. Also, as the jacket is a light grey and she is black, it also makes it easier to see her outside at night.

Ninja Puppy doesn’t seem to care that Little Lady has been accessorized. He judges her new attire from the couch, where it is warm. Not only is it warm, but the misting rain would only frizz out his own fur coat. Ninja Puppy has his priorities straight like that.

Staff Reporter Sarah Minges is a graduate of Harrison High School and Miami University, Oxford.