September 20, 2014

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Winter: I’d like to forget about it
Written by Sarah Minges   
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 6:43 PM

I forget things. I forget what I ate for dinner. I forget the exact last time I let Ninja Puppy and Little Lady out. (He won’t let me forget to let them back in). I forget where in my room I put my 89th pair of heels.

You get the idea.

Just recently, I realized I forgot how cold winter is around here. And then I remembered that winter is just starting.
I hesitate to utter my next statement. First for fear of inciting weather terrorism and secondly because I don’t want to believe it is true.

But, today, I am 90 percent sure at one point I saw some snow flurries.

Although the flurries were mildly soggy due to the rest of the precipitation, they were clearly delineated. Well, as clear as a soggy snowflake can be.

So, there it is. Winter is creeping in with its proverbial cold shoulder, and its characteristically icy attitude. Jack Frost is an unwelcome, yet persistent, guest.

It just doesn’t seem right being this cold this early in the cold season.

After all, there are still leaves hanging on the trees. Even the grass is holding tight to its green roots.

Actually, speaking of forgetting things, I even forgot that earlier this year had been so darn rainy.

Time is funny like that, especially time full of dry, sunny days. Which is how we went from unseasonably rainy to a hazardous drought area.

Currently, I’m sitting here typing this and I am five clothing layers deep.

Because it is the kind of chill outside that I just can’t get used to yet.

Just like me, Ninja Puppy gets cold pretty easily. But, unlike me, he doesn’t let that stop him. In fact, he would probably keep fetching his ball until he froze to death. He doesn’t have the strongest survival instinct.

The worst part may be the wind. Even wearing five layers of clothing can’t stop that.

I hesitate to tell you this next part first because I don’t want the wind to hear me and also because talking about cold weather makes me melancholy.

But, wind does nothing for my hair either.

In any case, as I sit here internet shopping for potential cold gear wear and watching the wind pull at the remaining leaves on the trees I can’t help but wonder how I forgot about how cold winter can be while lamenting that hibernation is not a socially acceptable practice.

In the meantime, I can spend the extra time I have not hibernating by finding my misplaced shoes and letting the dogsw out.

And maybe forgetting other things, like where I put my keys.

Staff Reporter Sarah Minges is a graduate of Harrison High School and Miami University, Oxford.