September 21, 2014

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Stabbed in back by ‘Talking Heads’
Written by Jim Robertson   
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 6:08 PM

Have you heard about the signatures being gathered in about half of the states in this “union” with the goal of secession?

People get unhappy when things don’t turn out the way they want.

I’m sure that the backstab that the city and township took at the hands of the three Hamilton County commissioners (aka The Three Talking Heads) this past week has been covered elsewhere in these pages, but it leaves a few interesting thoughts.

A few years ago when I was becoming wary of the focus of county government as they turned their attention away from the suburbs and zoned in on the sucking black hole of our money known as the City of Cincinnati, I did a little research with an eye to somehow alleviating our plight out here in the hinterlands.

Plight you say?  I am referring to the idea that since we comprise such a small voting block in county elections,

We generally get bupkiss when it comes to having the Three Talking Heads help us.  Thanks for your tax money, now sit down and shut up.

Secede, I say
How to end this unfair representation of the people of the western hinterlands?

One way would be to stop electing commissioners whose only goal is to use it as a stepping stone to higher office.

When you elect former councilmen from the City of Cincinnati and expect them to somehow identify with the surrounding territories rather than their former responsibility, you are just kidding yourself.

Secede, I say. Or rather cut a portion of Hamilton County, say the area west of the Great Miami River and turn it into a county under the Revised Code of the Great State of Ohio.

It’s all there in black and white.  I am not saying that there wouldn’t be some steps and a lot of gnashing of teeth but it is possible.

No doubt it was easier back when all you were doing was dividing up prairie grasslands but progress is generally not achieved without some sacrifice.

The upside? Having your county elected officials take a greater interest in things around here and being more subservient to the will of the people.

The downside? Having to settle up with the former county with regard to the outstanding debt on certain county edifices.

Probably just a pipedream.  Or not.  Stay tuned.

On a lighter note: Happy Thanksgiving to all. Just a few reminders.
?The turkey should be dead when trying to place it in the oven.  Preferably without feathers. 
Remember a lot of your purchased birds have the little packet inside with all the yucky stuff. 
?Remove before cooking.  From a health standpoint, cooking the stuffing inside the bird can lead to another longtime Thanksgiving tradition, salmonella. 
?White Castle stuffing is delicious, remember to remove the pickles when preparing.
?Candied yams doesn’t mean sweet potatoes cooked with twizzlers. 
Popeye, after retiring as a sailor must have been a sweet potato farmer.  After all he used to say, “I yam, what I yam.”
?Oh, and a last tip. Don’t fall for the special succotash recipe made without beans.  Succotash is supposed to have beans.  I am thankful for your attention and may the good eating be yours.

Jim Robertson is a longtime Harrison resident, a member of Harrison City Council, and a weekly columnist for The Harrison Press.