October 20, 2014

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Movie star remembers columnist on birthday
Written by Bill Baird   
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 7:28 PM

I am happy to report that I heard from our movie star Marilyn Knowlden after I wrote last week’s column.

She remembered my birthday with a handmade birthday card which is beautiful.

It has a butterfly, which is my favorite insect. They are beautiful, glide through the air without making a sound, pollenate the flowers and they don’t sting or bite.

I also got an unsigned card with a printed butterfly on the front. This card was from an anonymous reader, who is no doubt a lady.

This person wrote that she shared the same November 5th birthday, but with a different year with Roy Rogers and me.

The writer doesn’t know what I look like and thinks a picture of the writer should be included in the paper.

One day in a store a man was looking at her. He looked like the image she had of me and she asked him if he was Bill Baird.

He told her no, but said he knew me. I hope he is handsome.

I don’t recommend asking people if they are me since I am not very well loved by men and liberals.

My favorite photograph was taken the month I turned 19 in St. Petersburg, Fla. I gave more copies of this photo to girls than any other.

They liked the curl that dropped down on my forehead.

I would like to meet this card sender. We can meet at my home some afternoon if she will drop me a note on how I can contact her.

Mirror, mirror ...
In the mirror, I look 19. In a photo, movie or in person I get sick when I see myself. At least people always guess my age lower than what it is.

My recent birthday, which very well may be my last, didn’t go as I had exactly planned, but it went very well.

My birthday last year was on the weekend. My son Bill came up from Nashville and we went to the train show at the Hara Arena in Dayton.

This year my birthday was on Monday and his schedule was tight. He was going to come for one day and go to the train show, but I didn’t think it was that important.

If you remember last year I bought enough Lionel Baby Ruth boxcars from the 1930s to bring my collection up to nine, which is perhaps enough.

I didn’t get to see all of my grandkids. My grandson Ian called from Nashville. Ethan, Lexis, great-grandson Devin and former son-in-law Steve wished me happy birthday on Facebook.

Favorite foods
In addition to cards with ones made by granddaughter Lexis and actress Marilyn Knowlden, my daughter’s bought me my favorite foods. Laura’s was Walkers Shortbread from Scotland plus an Elton John tape and Janis Joplin CD, whoever they are.

Risa bought various candies from the new Esther Price Store on Harrison Ave. at Race Road in Bridgetown including a box of dark cherry cordials plus a book on Esther Price (1905-1994), who made this great candy in Dayton, Ohio, starting in 1926 until she sold the company in 1976 to the Day family of Monfort Heights in 1976.

I have met Ben and Elaine Day now of Dayton and they are nice people.

Their daughter Sandy use to live in Blue Jay and reminds me of the extremely beautiful actress Ellen Burstyn (1932) when she (Ellen) was younger. Sandy is a McAuley girl.

Turner Classic Movies was showing my favorite movie, The Grapes of Wrath (1940), on the evening of my birthday. I was going to watch it, but when the Dole family was here we started watching a movie which was better.

I can watch The Grapes of Wrath anytime since I have it on tape.

The better movie we watched was from February 1999 and starred Tanner when he was a few weeks shy of his first birthday, Lexis was four and the life of the party and Ethan was a student at St. John and had his ninth birthday. Wonderful memories!

I am not overjoyed over the election results, but at least the commercials of lies will cease and we can get back to Flo, the lizard and the local idiots trying to be stars. My favorite commercials are those of Korean Air.

I didn’t go to Korea during the war in the 1950’s and I am not going now, but I love the girl sitting in the plane window at the end.

Bill Baird is a Whitewater Township resident who writes a weekly column about old movies and Hollywood trivia.