October 20, 2014

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What’s Bill Baird saying?
Written by Carolyn Streit-Roehrig   
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 10:54 PM


I need to respond to Bill Baird’s letter in the Oct. 24 Harrison Press.

I am embarrassed and ashamed that the Harrison Press would print the line from Mr. Baird’s rant that states, “All I have to say to the liberal career student who thinks taxpayers should pay for her contraception, ‘If you are fortunate enough to get a john why don’t you have him pick up the tab?’”

At first I thought I read “job,” then I reflected on the word “john” and thought he meant “toilet.”

The real insult, to all women, is when I realized what he really meant. Is he saying those husbands or other males who support the use of contraception in family planning in a marriage or other relationships are “johns” and if you have a “john” then the women involved must be a (you fill in this word) or a woman who makes money by supplying sexual favors to men?

I support Baird’s right to express his views freely and his concerns about the future of our children and grandchildren. I had parents who survived the depression and I am so appreciative of a president who has been able to keep our country from the depths of such another great depression.

I suggest Baird pull out his “binders of women” guide book and look for another topic that would help and improve our lives. There is a possibility some of his descendants may be girls.   

Carolyn Streit-Roehrig
Harrison, Ohio



0 #1 2012-11-13 00:57
To the woman with the hyphenated name ~ your 'binders of women' comment has reched lower than Bill Baird's commment could have ever reached. Mitt, the person who would have won if not for VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN minority types, made that very innocent statement during one of the debates. In context there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what he stated. So, keep your low life comments in context from this day forward. All Obama fans are alike.