September 18, 2014

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Alternative point of view
Written by Louis W. Blessing III   
Tuesday, October 09, 2012 6:51 PM

In light of a recent letter to the editor by my opponent regarding the 29th District House of Representatives race, I would like to offer my thoughts on the matter and give the people of

Harrison an alternative point of view. For starters my legal name is Louis William Blessing III and that is why that name is on the ballot as well as the signs. I am from Colerain Township and am the Republican candidate in this race.

My opponent questions whether I know anything about business interests, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, etc. The answer is a resounding yes and I see the results of good public policy, and bad, through the prism of a small business. I am a licensed Professional

Engineer and work for a small, international engineering firm in Sharonville. Due to our limited resources, project management there means taking major roles in all aspects of a product’s life cycle: bringing a product to market against the likes of Siemens and Honeywell without their seemingly unlimited resources is not an easy task.

As it stands, the way I and many folks in the district see it is that we are not going to see a true recovery until unemployment is greatly reduced. There is simply no other way around it.

Unemployment has hit my generation especially hard and the problem is even more pronounced when massive student loans, which have outpaced inflation for the last 30 years, are crushing any hopes of starting a family, saving for retirement, or buying homes. Until jobs are plentiful again there is no American Dream for many of us.

Given that small businesses represent more than 99 percent of the businesses in this country, and do the bulk of the hiring, we need to make Ohio a place where these businesses thrive.

That can only be accomplished by reducing taxes and removing many of the onerous regulations that make it nearly impossible for small businesses to stay afloat, let alone begin hiring. Through economic growth we can actually increase tax revenue with lower taxes. This will lead to greater funding for local communities and schools.

Based on these beliefs I have received the endorsements of the National Federation of Independent Business, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and the Ohio Society of CPAs. I have also received endorsements from the Ohio and Cincinnati Right to Life movements as well as the NRA and Buckeye Firearms.

I firmly believe that life begins at conception and will do everything in my power, if elected, to support that belief. Furthermore, I strongly support gun owners’ rights and will fight for those rights, too. As a gun owner myself I fear that curtailing our rights is an especially bad idea.

My opponent, Hubert Brown, states that you know him, but do you know him past a smile and a handshake? Is his endorsement by Planned Parenthood Advocates of America in line with your views?

What does he mean when he states, on his Web site, that he is a “strong supporter of wise gun ownership and use” when he didn’t bother to fill out a candidate survey for the NRA and Buckeye Firearms?

Given that more than 50 percent of his endorsements are from various unions do you believe that he will give small business interests a fair shake?

In any event, I’d like to hear from you. Mr. Brown and I both agree that no matter who is elected that that person works for you. I may be reached at 513-477-8103 and my Web site is I am also on Facebook. Stay safe and God Bless.

Louis W. Blessing III
Colerain Township